Telling Our Stories Press

We are seeking memoir that enlightens and connects with the audience with depth and sincerity. 

We are always seeking to push the structural boundaries

of Memoir to create Art. 

We are looking for pieces that employ various literary and visual devices that tell your story true and bold, and with originality. 

Submission Guidelines

SEEKING Literary & Visual Memoir

For literary memoir submissions we are seeking various forms of literature employing different creative techniques (including stream of consciousness, poetry, open letters, lists, images, dialogues, etc.). 

For visual memoir submissions, we are looking for all forms of visual storytelling that can be formatted for print publications. Your visual narratives can take the form of narrative photography and photo essays, portraits (of self and others), collage, graphic memoir, illustrations (sketches, cartoons, etc.), still images (from video), visual artwork (images of paintings, sculpture, etc.), and multimedia of varying forms.



Submission Guidelines


Your Literary Short Memoir should be 100 words and up to 7 pages 

(Page count based on standard margins with 12 pt font, double spaced text; (poetry may be single spaced).


Submit your visual memoir in 1 - 5 images. Submit one, or a series of images that tell your story.

Your Visual Memoir can be images that consist of various forms of visual media including for example:

All forms of photography, including narrative photography, photographic portraits (of self and others), photo-collage, still images (from video); and graphic memoir, illustrations (sketches, cartoons, etc.), visual artwork (collage, images of paintings, sculpture, etc.), and multimedia of varying forms.

Only a title is required for your visual memoir; however, captions are welcomed. If you would like to contextualize your visual entry with a caption, each of your images may be accompanied by text of up to 100 words. For clarity, please indicate the text associated with the accompanying image.

Showing & Telling

For our current memoir project, we are seeking submissions to:

SHOW => Visual Memoir


TELL => Literary Memoir


SHOW&Tell=> Visual + Literary



Submission Guidelines

Telling Our Stories Press is currently seeking memoir for our memoir project on the American War in Vietnam. 

Whether you served in Vietnam or loved someone who did and have a story about it, share it by submitting either short literary memoir, visual memoir, or any combinations to NAM.

Memoir on the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War aka

the Second Indochina War aka

the Resistance War Against America aka

the American War

From Nov 1, 1955 - April 30, 1975

 ~Vietnam ~Laos ~Cambodia ~Saigon~


Publication Notification

If your submission is selected for publication, we will notify you for permission prior to publication.


TOSP is currently accepting rolling submissions for our projects without deadlines. 


Authors retain all rights to their work, and provide Telling Our Stories Press publication rights.


Authors receive Telling Our Stories Press discounts and publication copies. 

Submission Fees

We accept multiple submissions.

As a small press, we require submission fees to assist us with operational costs, and we greatly appreciate your payment.

However, if your financial circumstances prohibit such --causing you NOT to share your story-- 

    please complete the Submission Fee Waiver when prompted for your payment. 

At Telling Our Stories Press we value the art of the story and want to facilitate, rather than 

    hamper the process...