IMPACT: An Anthology of Short Memoirs

A literary collection showcasing the art of short memoir with a variety of personal narratives of varying voices and artistic form. 

Featuring works by the following authors:

Debra Baker; Richard Ballon; Diane Hoover Bechtler; Madeleine Beckman; J.D. Blair; Martha Everhart Braniff; Regina Murray Brault; David Breeden; Douglas G. Campbell; Yu-Han Chao; Casey Clabough; Beth Lynn Clegg; Elayne Clift; Alan Cohen; Karen de Balbian Verster; Summer DeNaples; Rebecca T. Dickinson; Christine Donovan; Gina Ferrara; Carmen Anthony Fiore; Sarah Glenn Fortson; Margaret Elysia Garcia; Lewis Gardner; Shelly Clark Geiser; Deni Ann Gereighty; Mac Greene; Susan Grier; Gloria Jean Harris; DaMaris B. Hill; Bradley Earle Hoge; Exsulo Illustro; Raud Kennedy; Jacqueline Kolosov; Kristin Laurel; Catherine Lee; Janine Lehane; Barbara Lewis; Russ Allison Loar; Nancy Lubarsky; Monica S. Macansantos; Deborah L. J. Mackinnon; Terry Martin; W. K. Medlen; Jasminne Mendez; Mariangela Mihai; Ann Mintz; Linda Mussillo; Dave Morrison; Cari Oleskewicz; Abla Poku; Mamie Potter; Cherri Randall; Robert F. Reid-Pharr; Carol J. Rhodes; Zack Rogow; Helen Ruggieri; Nan Rush; Rikki Santer; Judith Serin; W. Clayton Scott; Noelle Sickels; Paul Sohar; Alex Stein; Nancy Skalla; Rick Smith; Dorothy Stone; Barb Tartro; Tamara W.; Eleanor Vincent; Ahrend R. Walters; Gregg Weatherby; Sarah Brown Weitzman; Amber L. West; Beth Winegarner; Kirby Wright; and Nicole R. Zimmerman.


ROLL: A Collection of Personal Narratives

This collection of personal narratives features work by:

Sandra Branum; Ann Marie Byrd; Janet Youngblood; Tiffany Joy Butler; Cathleen Calbert; Martha Clarkson; Theresa Corbin; Madeline Davis; Francis DiClemente; Kent H. Dixon; Cathy Crenshaw Doheny; Paul Dragavon; Jared Duran; Adina Ferguson; Maureen Tolman Flannery; Renny Murphy Golden; Joan Goodreau; Kevin Heath; Erica Herd; Jane Hertenstein; Jeremiah Horrigan; Marilyn June Janson; Charlotte Jones; Chantal Jules; Marty Kingsbury; Jacqueline M. Koiner, II; Marylee MacDonald; Catherine Magdalena; Stephanie Millett; Christine Minter; Sheryl L. Nelms; Nancy Owen Nelson; Nancy Nicol; Kathleen O’Brien; Hal O’Leary; Helen Peppe; Gabrijel Savic Ra; Venetia Sjogren; Marian Rapoport; Anjie Seewer Reynolds; Molly Rivkin; Mark Saba; Alan L. Steinberg; Terry Meyer Stone; Fran Tempel; Debby Thompson; April C. Thornton; Kerry Trautman; Joe Wade; Sarah L. Webb; Janet Amalia Weinberg; Guinotte Wise; and Kirk Wisland.


MY CIA: A Memoir

~WINNER of the Eric Hoffer Award~ AND ~ Winner of the Baker Prize~~

by Katherine McCord

In her third book, a memoir, McCord uses the lens of the present to delve into the past:  McCord was born in Monrovia, Liberia, Africa, the daughter of a CIA Officer and a beautiful, sheltered, young mother of Irish catholic descent, ten months after the birth of her sister.  After a brief stay in Florida, McCord's father would take on his next mission in Katmandu, Nepal.  There McCord's mother has a nervous breakdown and the family is secretly flown back to the states where McCord and her sister, fiercely close, would grow up in a "normal" Midwest environment but under and within a shroud of secrecy and propelled by disjointed memories, borrowed histories, and confusing recounts of the past.  In My CIA, McCord looks at her life, so far lived with the eyes of a poet, one who knows not how to report and "tell everything" but knows only to tell the truth--of her sorrow, of her hope, of her love and how it finds itself through lyric.  In other words, she gives us everything she has to give and finds that the answers are hard won and sometimes in the asking.


REVERIE: Ultra Short Memoirs

The multiple Pushcart Prize nominated collection of ultra short memoirs, of various shapes and forms, including prose, poetry and narrative photography by both new and award winning authors each telling the stories of our lives in less than 300 words.

Featuring the works of:

Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot, Beatriz Badikian-Gartler, Valerie D. Benko, Jean Bonin, Bobbie S. Bryant, Jean Butterfield, Diane Caldwell, Helen Carson, Adam Cheshire, Casey Clabough, Beth Lynn Clegg, Ellen Dworsky, Michael Estabrook, Kathy Gilbert, Carmen Gillespie, Richard Goodman, Bobbie Hayse, Ashley Henley, Jessica Heriot, Meredith Hoffman, Jean Horak, Stephanie C. Horton, William L. Janes, Marilyn June Janson, Jamie Johnson, Carol Kanter, Evelyn Lampart, Gina Marie Lazar, Catherine Lee, Janine Lehane, Gerald A. McBreen, Aileen R. McCready, Leota McCown-Hoover, Callie Melton, Jasminne Mendez, E. Ethelbert Miller, SueAnn Porter, Diana Raab, Lori Rottenberg, W. Clayton Scott, Don Segal, Judith Serin,Elaine Dugas Shea, Missi Smith, Diane Spodarek, Emily Fraser Voigt, Pavelle Wesser, Changming Yuan, and Sally Zakariya.


REFLECTIONS: Ultra Short Personal Narratives

A collection of flash memoirs and personal narratives featuring the works of new and award winning authors showcasing the art of personal narratives. Including works by the following authors: Michelle Ardillo, Sharine Aupke, Jade Banks, Victoria Brott, Jamie Brunson, Notty Bumbo, Katrenia Busch, Kelley Calvert, Andres Cisneros, Elayne Clift, Kavita Das, C. A. Davis, Jeannette Drake, CarrZa DuBose, Ashley Duran, Judith Ellen, Michael Estabrook, Jane Falla, Pamela Gay, Larry Godwin, Maryann Gremillion, Paul Hadella, Gerald Harris, Dah Helmer, Jennifer Higgins, Shirlee Sky Hoffman, Giuseppe Infante, Jason Irwin, Laura T. Jensen, Anika H. Klix, Vanessa Mallory Kotz, Eric Kreutter, Michelle Legault, Jing Li, Susan Mahan, Jas Mardis, Mari Maxwell, Murli Melwani, Jasmine Mendez, Bonnie J. Morris, Nicole L.V. Mullis, Nancy Nicol, Gloria Nixon-John, Harriet Riley, Kathleen Saville, Judith Serin, Robert M. Shafer, S.F. Siddiqui, Laurence Snydal, Linda Ann Stelljes, Danielle Stonehirsch, Fran Tempel, Dawn Marie Thomson, Vincent J. Tomeo, Susan White, Carl Whitehead Jr., Crystal Wilkinson, and Changming Yuan.


SO LONG: Short Memoirs of Loss and Remembrance

A heartfelt collection of narratives of various forms and shapes on grief, loss and remembrance. The following authors and titles are featured: MEGHAN K. BARNES Mad World; MARY CARPENTER Longing; FREDDA DURANDO My Fathers Hands; PAMELA GAY The Family Funeral;KELSEY GILMAN Forgiving Maren; JO GOING Stones and Roses; SUSAN GORDON Stars; NANCY GUSTAFSON Visiting Martha; PATRICIA GUZMAN About a Guy Named J*; KRISTIN HERREN A Letter to My Sister; MARY POTTER KENYON My Winter of Discontent; MICHAL MAHGEREFTEH Things She Left Behind; LINDSEY MEAD Four Corners of the Tent; AMANDA MILLER One Breath, Then Another; PATRICIA O’DONNELL Translation; CARL PALMER Her Candle; and CHRISTOPHER WOODS The Light You Made.


TURNS: A Collection of Memoir Chapbooks

A volume of short memoir chapbooks comprised of compelling narratives. The following authors and titles are featured:

Deep Blue: Poems of a Navy Life by Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot; My Life in Shoes by Pamela L. Laskin; The Enigma by Gerri Luce; Scenes from My Life on Hemlock Street: A Brooklyn Memoir by Arlene L. Mandell; Learning from Lady Chatterley by Gloria Nixon-John; My Two Years in Priest Corps by Joe Novara; Notes from 1970 by Claude Clayton Smith.



by Richard Eric Johnson

"The poems in Johnson's Memoir Poetic of a Naked Cop, inspired by the author's life as a soldier in Vietnam and West Berlin, a police officer in the U.S. heartland and his present life in suburban Washington, DC are riveting....The highly charged poems in Memoir Poetic will grip your mind long after you have finished reading. If you let their magic work, they may even cast new light on your own experiences and how you tell the stories of your own life."

                      --Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot


SPEAK: A Golden Isles Teen Journal

SPEAK is comprised of an edited collection of teen writing created using an array of creative journal writing techniques. Literary artist, CoCo Harris and Freedom Writers Teacher, Henry Wright's language arts class at a coastal Georgia high school, worked to imagine, share and create this group journal.


THE BRIDGE: A Companion Journal for Unearthing Personal Narr

The companion journal designed to help unearth personal narratives and memoir using tried and true creative writing and journaling techniques along with a good helping of self-interviewing prompts. Use this guide to follow the stories of your life to the place where memory meets insight.



Spanish Translation of The Bridge: A Companion Journal for Unearthing Personal Narratives

Por CoCo Harris

Traducido por Celia Cordon

Una guía para crear narrativas personales

arrojando luz a la conexión entre los diarios y las memorias